Helene, without you, I know I wouldn’t have been able to get started on my AF life. You literally *heard* me and I *felt* your words and the rest is history. I am grateful for you, for your heart and soul. You are an inspiration and someone I am so SO grateful for. Thank you for everything you do, sharing your truth and your honesty with the world. Your kindness and heart do not go unnoticed. I know that I am not alone, nor never alone, in a world that promotes alcohol like sports stars. It certainly IS the road less traveled. Thank YOU for helping me find it and staying on course. You are definitely a shining example of an amazing life, if you just believe in yourself and know, there is always someone listening. ~ S.V.C., ON, CA

Better is Better!

Hélène has NEVER preached! For this, I have sincerely loved our connection! She is an intelligent, kind, gentle, yet lovingly firm, person who has our best interests at heart! Thank you for guiding me to a place I would rather be – mentally & physically (especially health-wise). It has not been easy, as so often it is not! The road can often be bumpy, but does not have to be (forever). I love where I am in my life in the moment.  Thank you, yet again.  Better is Better❣️   ~ D.W. TX, USA

Helene has created a safe and supportive space

Helene is an inspiration! I’ve been a member of Helene’s Lose ‘da Booze group since October 2017, the same year I quit drinking. I was looking for a community where I could speak freely and get advice from others who are talking the talk and walking the walk. Helene has created a safe and supportive space for folks who really need it. She is always there cheering us on, providing guidance, resources, and understanding. Helene is honest about her own struggles and victories, which makes her that much more relatable. She clearly puts a lot of hard work into fostering an encouraging, compassionate environment. I am so glad I found her group when I did. I hope many others are able to benefit from her wisdom and kindness. ~ Lisa B, MD, USA


Take your life back with Helene as your coach!

I’ve known Helene for several years. I met her when I was on Spark People. She has encouraged me to take charge of my health & my life. Being that I have health issues like Fibromyalgia & RA, and many more, it is vital that I make necessary changes. Change can be hard. Helene helps make those changes easier. I feel blessed to have found her. With Helene’s help, I’m learning to step out of my comfort zone. I’m learning the importance of self care, practicing gratitude, and keeping a positive attitude. Her groups are very supportive. Plenty of encouragement & tips. The groups are a safe place where you can express yourself & how you are really feeling. For me it’s like having a second family. The support you get from Helene & the groups is awesome. Support was something I needed, & still do at times. She shares information on health & fitness through her YouTube channel, regular postings, and calls when needed. We benefit from the books she reads, the extra classes she takes & of course her being a holistic wellness coach. She post workouts she does & encourages us to try them & post. I would recommend Helene to anyone who wants to take their life back. She practices what she says. She is a continuing part of my journey towards a healthy lifestyle. I’m looking forward to learning more & reaching my goals. You will not be disappointed with Helene as your coach. ~ V.F. MO, USA

The 100 day challenge was the most transforming experiment I have done!

I was never a big drinker but I was a daily drinker. The scariest part is that the drinking was getting heavier and heavier. I realized that I needed that regular drink. I decided to aim for a 30-day alcohol-free challenge. Halfway through Hélène kindly suggested why not do a 100 day challenge to #LoseDaBooze. Unsure about myself but with Helene’s guidance, I embarked on this crazy adventure. During my 100-day experiment, I had to navigate birthdays, friends’ get-togethers, July 1st celebration and many more but the hardest one was St-Jean-Baptiste day celebration on June 24th. Big party with flowing alcohol. It was not easy but I pulled it off. The 100 day was one of the most transforming experiment I have done in recent years. I learned to navigate big parties without alcohol. I learned that I could still have a good time without alcohol. I learned that I actually enjoyed those big celebrations better without the booze. Hélène Larocque thanks for the help and guidance you have given me. ~ V.V. Ottawa

Hélène is an outstanding and inspirational coach!

She is able to take from her own personal experiences and health challenges, to create an empathetic and insightful approach with her clients. I have gained so much from the sessions that I have had from her and she has been (and continues to be) an integral part in my journey towards a healthy lifestyle.” ~ Felicity UK

Jessica got to the root of her drinking issues and overcame them, shamefree!

This is my second time utilizing Helene’s personal coaching service, this time choosing the 100 day option. Helene provides excellent tools and resources once she helps you identify your goals after an initial session. In addition to the personal touchbases and daily personal reach outs, Helene utilizes a private group where there is additional support and daily positive messages and videos.

The FREE Lose ‘da Booze secret group she has created has helped so many, including myself, when facing challenging times in relation to their drinking or times of stress in general. The “tribe” has become very close but is extremely welcoming to anyone new who wants to improve their relationship with alcohol or is aiming for complete sobriety.

Helene has such a warm, kind-hearted nature and truly wants to help her clients reach their goals. Having experienced alot of difficult times in her life, her sharing of this and being transparent fosters an environment free of shame or embarrassment and promotes positivity and a focus on getting to the root of the issues; most importantly how to work to overcome them. I highly recommend Helene and her services! ~ Jessica L., Chicago IL

Knowing that I have her to turn to at anytime has truly made this life shift much easier!

I have only known Helene for a little over two months but I can only say good things about her and what she has done for me in my alcohol free journey.  I reached out to her back in July as I began to seriously think about quitting drinking.  I signed up with her program to pledge 100 days with no alcohol.

We had an immediate connection!  I cannot say enough about how caring, kind, and understanding she is.  As I began this journey, I knew she was someone I could always turn to when “life” got difficult and I wanted to reach for a drink.   She is a person who goes above and beyond and truly listens to you when you talk to her.  Knowing that I have her to turn to at anytime has truly made this life shift much easier.  I always know we can message or video chat at anytime needed.

In addition to always being there she makes a point to tell you the importance of self care.  Her words of wisdom and advice have been monumental!  Her motivational words work wonders and now that I have reached 100 days, I couldn’t have done it without her.  She is like a new friend to me and I thank her for coming into my life!!! ~ Gail S, RI

I started learning more about myself and what I wanted to change and more importantly, how to do it.

I met Helene 6 or so years ago in an online chat group for women trying to  lose weight and cut back on drinking alcohol. Later, I followed her on Facebook in several groups that encourage healthy eating and joined her private Lose ‘da Booze Facebook group.

Helene shared her own story and I started learning more about myself and what I wanted to change and more importantly, how to do it. Helene shared resources; book titles, check lists, web links and motivating phrases. She provided a safe place to share and encouraged me with kind words when I struggled.

I joined her paid group as well for a 30 day individualized program to help me make a plan for living alcohol free and to be accountable. I now have the confidence and the tools I need to live a healIthy life and a sober life. Thank you. ~ Suzette G., USA

This group is proof positive for me, that the opposite / antidote of/for addiction is connection!

A few words about how the Lose ‘da Booze (LDB) group has impacted my process of leaving the booze behind: I’m an original member, having joined in January 2017. LDB has always been a supportive, encouraging place where I could share my struggles and triumphs.

Because the group is “secret”, I’ve been able to bare some very difficult and personal things which I would otherwise keep private on even a “closed” FB group. In spite of the kinship I felt from the start, I didn’t really get too involved posting and commenting on a regular basis until I got a DUI at the end of 2017. At that point, LDB was such a huge source of support.

I made some deeper connections here at that time, and those remain today. At times, I take breaks from FB and groups in general because I need to step away from screen time. But I’m always welcomed back with warmth and support. Currently, I’m more involved as I need the group for accountability as well as the inspiration, sound suggestions, and experience that other members share.

Our weekly Wednesday Zoom calls have added another level to the family / tribe / intimacy that many of us share here. I appreciate so much that we have no expectations of each other here, other than to be kind and offer what we can, when we can.

I’ve felt free to be myself without fear of judgement. That took time, but the group has shown me that openness and honesty are key to successfully reaching my goals – and that I can let down my guard and trust when appropriate, without regret. This group is proof positive for me, that the opposite / antidote of/for addiction is connection. It makes all the difference. The people here make that connection very special. We’ve been through different versions of the same “hell” and so, treat each other as we’d like to be treated – with empathy and respect. ~ B, USA