Have you come to a point in your life where you question your relationship with alcohol or you feel you are drinking perhaps more than what is deemed healthy and it’s starting to impact your life and your wellbeing? I help my clients change their habits using a harm reduction approach, where better is better. Whatever your goal may be… perhaps you want to take a break for a month or simply shift into less days with drinks – I offer a supportive platform that provides you with a judgment free zone to help get you there!

If this speaks to you, then contact me if you would like to join in! You can start by booking a FREE discovery call so we can connect to see if perhaps my coaching may be of benefit to you in reaching your goals!

I’m excited to continue this journey and hope to share it with those who feel they need to make a shift in their habits when it comes to alcohol. Feel free to reach out and message me via Facebook if you want more information about various options to Lose ‘da Booze – The Other Way (where better is better). Follow my public page for regular daily motivational posts and wellness information. Hit like/follow to make sure you don’t miss any posts. you can also follow me on Instagram.


I offer a discounted coaching price for these programs as a way of paying it forward. Here are the options that I offer (** I do not accept more than 15 clients at a time for these paid groups). This is not a canned approach model – I tailor the program based on the current groups requests and particular needs. I share resources beyond what I provide in the FREE group.


  • 2 one on one coach calls
  • unlimited messages via Facebook or email contact
  • access to the Alcohol Freedom Goal Getters exclusive group
  • daily posts from me and once a week live video check ins via the Facebook Group

BEST VALUE – 100 Days of Support ($199 USD)

This package is a steal! I offer 100 days of support (starting from the day I receive payment). I offer the same as the above – but it includes a total of FOUR one on one coach calls.

To sign up – message me via Facebook or use the contact form from my website here.