Thanks for visiting my website! I am have been passionate about wellness dating back to 2002 when I experienced numerous traumatic life experiences that forced me to take a look at my own wellness. Through my personal journey, I have openly shared and advocate the importance of wellness from a “360” perspective. I wholeheartedly live and breathe wellness in my personal life and with my workplace. I’m a proud graduate of the IAWP 2019 class!

Through my accredited education with the International Association of Wellness Professionals, I’m trained in a unique health philosophy called Wellness 360™ that helps people to create health and balance in all areas of their life.

I use a proven coaching process called the CORE Coaching Method which supports my clients to not only reach their goals but create lasting changes.  

As a Wellness 360™ Coach, I help my clients through 5 proven steps designed to help them create total mind-body wellness with tons of support and guidance on their journey.

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I also offer specific support related to living a sober life! See the tab about Alcohol Freedom for more info.

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Let go of what no longer serves you and return to your authentic and best life!

  About Me:

  • Workplace Wellness Advocate (since 2010)
  • Certified Holistic Wellness Coach with the International Association of Wellness Professionals (IAWP) (graduated in 2019)
  • Wellness 360™ Coach (IAWP)
  • Workplace Wellness Project Coordinator (as of April 2022)
  • Alcohol Freedom Advocate (since 2016)
  • Drug, Solvent & Alcohol Abuse Counselling Diploma
  • NESTA Lifestyle & Weight Management Specialist