Dry February

Did you participate in Dry January? When the New Year comes around resolutions are made and this is very often one that folks like to join in. However, on my own personal mission to share the #LoseDaBooze mission – I always extend monthly invitations to anyone who wishes to try taking a one month break to experience the benefits. Or if you’re really wanting to see lasting change, I encourage you to try the 100 Day Challenge.


The benefits of taking a break from alcohol are many:

  • brighter and clearer skin
  • better sleep
  • weight loss
  • less bloating
  • less brain fog
  • no hangovers
  • more productivity
  • more energy
I invite you to come discover what a difference it can make in this short time commitment.
As an added bonus, for those joining in the month of February, I will share with participants a PDF document to follow along day by day with me with affirmations and messages directly related to the benefits you will discover.
What you get from me with this one month program:
✔️ Two coach calls via zoom
✔️ Unlimited messaging via FB
✔️ Daily check in via the ongoing paid group Alcohol Freedom Goal Getters
✔️ Resources tailored to your specific needs to support you through the month (this is not a canned approach)
As a Certified Holistic Wellness 360™ Coach I approach this with a perspective unique to my training with the International Association of Wellness Professionals. And I’m right there with you because I get it as I too have been on the journey and I share an authentic perspective with lessons learned from my personal experience.
If you are interested in joining, visit www.losedabooze.com/paidprogramswithldb/ for details on how to sign up.
Invest in yourself and your health for less than you would spend on booze in one month.
You can also visit my testimonials page to see what other clients are saying: healthy4life360.com/testimonials/

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